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You have never swam before but due to some inspiration from the new year, or a moving Monday-morning motivational quote mandating you to get over your fears, you decide it’s time. Before you head out and risk remembering you didn’t bring a swimming costume, here’s a quick checklist for you.

Swimming Pool

Firstly, you will need a swimming pool, of course. Either you own one, live in a place in a communal pool or you use a public/hotel swimming pool. A few public swimming pools are available in Nairobi, the most common being Nyayo and Kasarani Aquatic Complex on Thika road. More on these later.

Swimming pool Nairobi


If you are not in comfortable swimwear, chances are that you will not enjoy your swimming session. For ladies, a two-piece/ one-piece bathing suit, swim shorts and tankinis are ideal. Men can any pair of their comfortable swim shorts or swimming trunks. For proper swimwear, fit and comfort are what you are looking for. For material, lycra and nylon are the preferred fabrics as they are less absorbent compared to cotton; cotton fabrics are unsuitable as they may clog water filters. For various religious groups, there is also appropriate swimwear available in many of Nairobi’s sports shops.

Swimaholics swimwear

Appropriate swimwear


Swimming goggles are important to protect your eyes from the chlorine in the water, otherwise they’ll remain temporarily red and puffy after the swim. After swimming, ensure that you rinse out chlorine and dry off with a towel. Don’t forget your lotion or jelly or you will have to wait for darkness to hide your dry ashen face.


I love swimming. I would like as many Kenyans to learn how to swim. Join me in my quest


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