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Most places I have introduced myself as a swimming instructor, there is always a meek approach by a normally loud extrovert who confides how they have never swum before. Almost always, the individual is not interested in lessons, but rather in a few notes they can cram and try in the solitude of a weekday-morning swimming pool. So here’s your free copy for the next time. The piece is segmented into sections dealing with each of the facets of some good swimming skill.

  1. Fear of water

When you have grown up in a culture in which swimming is considered a rich-people sport, where it is not uncommon for a person to profess loudly how a basin’s water is the largest amount they will ever interact with, your fear of water may be justified. Aquaphobia is fear of water and like most fears it is often a psychological construct. Most forms of fear are out of self-preservation, helping us to avoid taking dangerous unnecessary feats that may kill or injure us. Others though, develop baselessly, often rooted in fact-less misconceptions. Deciding the relevance of fears is vital to our growth and development as humans.

As a trainer, the most difficult part of my work is convincing fearful beginners to get over their thoughts and focus on something else other than their fear. In comparison, children hardly exhibit these fears and are often enthusiastic on any lesson even when it looks risky to a watching parent. Scientists have differing views on the biological motivation for fear but all agree that any remedy has to begin with identifying the fear and the source if possible. Psychologists encourage individuals to assess the credibility of one’s fears.

How to swim

In our strongly opinionated internet days, one should ensure they don’t fall to rumour and instead search in credible sources about their fear issues. This way, after weighing what is true and what is myth developed within your self-preserving mind, you can make an informed decision on whether you even need to learn how to swim. When you try it the next time, you will definitely feel less anxious.

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