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At the entrance to almost all public swimming pools in Kenya, there is always a boldly-written set of commandments with age old instructions for pool-users. The most common among these rules is one freeing the management of any liability in case of injury and another leaving supreme power to the lifeguard on duty. Needless to say, we as Kenyans find rules repelling to read you would think it was in our national anthem. For your own safety we present you a set of tips to ensure you enjoy a safe swim.

  • Ensure you use proper swimwear each time you hit the water
  • Before going into water, ensure you know the depth of the pool. Know the design of the pool; which end is shallow and which is deep. Most pools have written on their decks how deep they are or you can ask the lifeguard. If you have to dive, ensure the water is deep enough to avoid injury.
  • Stick to the shallow end if you are not confident in deeper water. Avoid the slope of the pool if you can’t use the deep end.
  • Ensure you keep the lifeguard in close sight in case you need help
  • Avoid too much underwater swimming as it keeps you out of the lifeguard’s sight.
  • Avoid violent, splashy swimmers if you can. While swimming ensure that you know what is happening around you.
  • Call for help only when you need it.
  • Watch out for broken tiles or unfixed rungs which may cause injury.

Safe swimming is an important skill that we believe is vital to any swimmer. Watch this space for more safety tips for your children’s swimming. Have any tips you would love to share with us? Leave it on any of our social media channels, or in the comments below.


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