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healthy lifestyles

Swimaholics champions healthy lifestyles

Did you know that according to WHO, (external link), more than 30% of us are at risk of premature death due to physical inactivity and poor dieting?

Lifestyle concerns itself with a people’s way of living. How we live our lives reflects on our health and well-being. A ‘healthy’ lifestyle portends a healthy life while a poor lifestyle most likely leads to ailment. The issue of lifestyle is often a psychological hurdle as we have to consciously accept that we need to live a healthy lifestyle. ‘’Blah-blah-blah,’’ you may say, ‘’we already know.’’ Check this out though. The Ministry of Health estimates that more than 100,000 deaths annually are lifestyle related.  One in every four Kenyans has blood pressure and I am sure you know several people suffering lower back pain.

Miserably, the list of these sick, saddening

Swimaholics healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyles

statistics soars uninhibited with each tick in time, worsened by the sorry state of our ailing healthcare system. As a society, we are brutally forced come to terms with illnesses that we hardly knew of two decades ago; camouflaging cancers causing our cells to turn on each other, highly stigmatised morbid mental illnesses mauling at us and a myriad of new genetic conditions with accursed acronyms.


As a society, the time is ripe for us to pluck ourselves from this doom and it starts by raising awareness among ourselves. At Swimaholics, we are out to raise this much-needed awareness on the grave lifestyle illnesses affecting Kenyans. This series on lifestyle diseases will broadly cover

  • cancers,
  • back pain,
  • mental illnesses and addictions and
  • diabetes and hypertension

We’ll be sure to include protective tips, remedies and other strategies from professionals. If there is a lifestyle disease you would like included hit us up below.


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