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Swimaholics Kenya. Swimming stroke to learn

What do I learn?

Many a times, I have taught beginners who have been through too many opinions on how they should swim, that they don’t know what to choose to learn. There are many options, and you may be working on a budget that allows to take up only basic swimming lessons. So what stroke do you choose?

As I advise clients, the choice of stroke depends on what you are willing to accomplish with your swimming. If you just need to relax and leisurely enjoy a slow swim in the summer sun, you probably would choose the breaststroke. Some of us though want to time how fast we can swim, and speed is crucial to the quest. The freestyle/crawl suits us. If you are a fitness enthusiast, looking to heat up the water by burning as many calories, the butterfly is your stroke. Then sometimes when we all want to lie on the water, relax and wow the crowd- the backstroke has got our back.

Learn how to relax

Relax with the breaststroke

The breaststroke involves slow movements of the limbs, and once mastered, it allows the swimmer to easily remove the head from water. With the right posture, the stroke is very effective, although it is the slowest. The motion imitates that of a swimming frog. All in all, it is rather easy to learn, and uses little energy, allowing you to swim long distances. For weight loss and fitness buffs, this will not consume as much calories as you’d like.

Swimaholics Kenya- How to swim freestyle

Freestyle stroke

The freestyle is the fastest of the four strokes and allows you to cover distance quickly. If you need to swim very fast- such as for exercise, rescues, or to avoid danger, this stroke is just right. It burns a lot of calories, as it involves vigorous flutter kicks and arm pulls.

The butterfly is definitely the most difficult stroke to master, and comprises dolphin kicks that involve most body muscles. Just 30 mins of butterfly is enough to satisfy event the greatest of you calorie enthusiasts- burning as much and exercising all muscle groups.

The backstroke is as good for relaxing, as it is for burning calories. Since it is also based on flutter kicks, it is quite fast, and honestly, nothing is as beautiful as graceful backstroke.

Swimaholics swimming strokes

Swimming styles

For whatever purpose you need your lessons, we’ve got you covered. Let’s train you how to achieve whatever goals you have in swimming. Register for any of our swimming classes today.


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