Why swimming is the best exercise

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I promise you the title is not an exaggeration. Here’s my case.

Sometimes, all of us have problems determining what the best exercise is for our body types and to achieve some fitness. This is a hassle that puts off many of us from exercise – jogging is too tiring, we love our faces so boxing is a no-no and our bums hurt when we go cycling. Exercising regularly is supposed to improve general body fitness, improve our energy levels and offer calm amidst the daily struggles of life. Sure, you may have to struggle a bit – get your face in the water, have to jostle for lane space when the public pool is full, and deal with the irritation of chlorine -swimming however is worth all this and more.

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Swimming is accessible for all of us. Just pack comfortable swimming gear, a towel, some soap and lotion and get into the pool closest to you. As our country continues to grow, more and more establishments have opened pools accessible to the public, making it easier to find a place to swim. You don’t need expensive gear or a partner to go for swimming. Just hit the pool and make your splash. For all ages, from toddlers to the older population, swimming does not discriminate and offers advantages to all age groups. As you get older and other forms of exercise become less accessible – ball games, running, boxing, or martial arts, swimming remains beneficial even if musco-skeletal disorders like arthritis set in.

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Swimming works most muscle groups either through direct activity or through the resistance offered by water. As seen in these posts about upper body and lower body muscles worked in the breaststroke – just a single stroke, most muscles including core muscles are worked while swimming.

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Joints and ligaments are protected when swimming and except swimmer’s knee, the body is protected from excessive stress to body parts.
With swimming, get a chance to improve your lungs. The respiratory fitness – ability of your body to utilize oxygen breathed in- improves as you continue to swim. Increased hydrostatic pressure as well as breathing resistance enhance the body’s ability to use up oxygen with each breath. Whether as a goal towards general fitness or as exercise to be better at other activities like hiking, improving respiratory fitness increases endurance.

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Water is relaxing and calming on the body. Whether in a pool or swimming outside in natural waters, being around the water has been shown to soothe the body and improve mental and physical health. I have found myself feeling especially relaxed and clear-minded after a good swim, even after a few laps. You’ll admit the sleep after a good swim is always so comfortable.

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I love swimming. I would like as many Kenyans to learn how to swim. Join me in my quest


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