How a swimming pool works

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Have you ever wondered how a pool works? In this post, we’ll cover the essential parts that enable functioning of a pool.

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What do I learn?

The swimming pool is constructed as a vessel to hold clean water for people to swim in. In essence, it is a man-made reservoir for water that is stagnant. Since stagnant water quickly encourages growth of algae, water vegetation, and water plants, a swimming pool is constructed to enable constant flow of water.

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Swimming pool diagram

The hole or container for water can be built in the ground, where soil is excavated and space created for the water. The hole is then sealed with cement and tiles or a mosaic pattern finally placed. The container for water can be on the surface, called an above ground pool. Such pools may be made from fiberglass or plastic.

The piping for the pool is placed into the pool during building. A pool has an inlet to bring in water into the pool as well as an outlet to drain the pool. Pool inlets are in the form of jets placed at one side of the pool. An inlet for adding water can also be added, or a pipe can be fed to fill the pool.

Three primary outlets carry water away from the pool. A main drain is found at the deepest point of the pool to take the bulk of water away. At the deep end of the pool, skimmers drain water at the top. Skimmers have a filter that collects dirt away from the pool helping to prevent entry of large objects into the pool. The last drain is the vacuuming drain, where the vacuum pipe is connected during floor vacuuming.

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A pumping and filtration system is installed to maintain cleanliness of the pool water. The pump pulls in water from the pool through the main drain, skimmer, and vacuum drain into the filter. The filter itself has a basket for collecting leaves and debris that is pulled in through the pool. From the pump, water flows into the sand filter, where smaller particles are collected, back to the pool. In some pools with automatic chlorinators and heating systems, water passes through the systems before getting back to the pool.

A control room for the pump and filtration system is provided to regulate pumping of water.


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