Swimming programs for kids

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It is often said that the best time to begin teaching kids new skills is when they are young. Kids are often receptive to learning new things and since they are developing quickly, lessons learnt are quickly applied as they play. When done in groups, kids swimming lessons also help to develop social skills among kids and promote new friendships and interactions.

Learning to swim also offers you as a parent the ability to relax since you are aware that your child will be safe in the water. It a parent’s joy to see a child excel at whatever they are doing and swimming is not an exception. Pool safety skills are advantageous to kids as they may come in handy for them or their family/friends.


Swimaholics Kenya offers training programs for schools, through which kids learn how to be comfortable in water and the basic swimming strokes. These are group lessons done by a trained instructor that is retained by the school.

When kids are home, Swimaholics offers one-on-one instruction to improve their skills. These lessons are done either with  group or individually based on the agreement with parents.

The swimming trainers are equipped to build the self-confidence in children and enable them to excel at challenging themselves in life. Sign up for lessons here 

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