Benefits of water play for toddlers

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Kids derive many benefits from being introduced to water when they are still very young. In fact, children enjoy being around water and it is often parents who prevent toddlers from water play.Swim lessons NairobiHowever, actually encouraging water play for your child from a young age may be a good thing according to child development experts

Playing with and in water promotes development of a child’s motor skills and coordination.The toddler is able to hold, grasp and move their hands and legs around water, building essential motor skills. Water toys such as water jets, floaters and sinkers enable the child to learn how to grasp things which may be important as children learn how to write.Swimming lessons toddlers

The resistance of water, which is greater than that of air, builds the muscles of children, improving their strength. Children who are introduced to water and begin to walk in the water learn to move their legs better against the resistance of water, which makes it easier for them to learn how to walk early.

Where children play in more water, they are able to develop their breathing reflex which teaches them to hold air in water. This ensures that the child learns important skills that prevent the child from drowning in shallow water. later as they learn how to swim, such skills come in handy.

Water play also improves a child social skills. Where the child plays with others, they develop their ability to communicate ans express themselves. Kids Swimming lessons NairobiImportant social-emotional skills are gained by children in the course of play that come in handy as the child begins school.

Adequate adult supervision is necessary as children play in and around water, be it in a basin, shallow pool, or even a normal pool.




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