Freestyle Flutter kicks

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The freestyle kick

You already know how to hold your breath and do a front float with your head down. To refresh you, here’s a reminder of floating and breathing. In freestyle, learning to do the front float perfectly is the most important step to a proper stroke. The front float position ensures that your head is perfectly aligned with the neck and the rest of the spine so that you can achieve a perfect streamline.

After achieving the streamline position, the next important step in freestyle is learning how to kick your legs. This post will teach you how to develop freestyle flutter kicks that are powerful and efficient to push you far and fast.

swimming kicks from the hip
kick from the hips

In the front float position, you should ensure that your legs are floating away from the pool floor. They should be straight and not bent at the knee for proper floating. In that position, point your toes back so that you have a large surface area to kick the water with. Your leg should not bend excessively at the knee or be too stiff. The kicks should be fast and consistent (like in this video) so that when you start, you keep up the same rhythm and energy. You can try doing this while holding on to a rail. The upper body should remain still with the hands straight in the same streamline position.

When you are confident about the kicks pushing you, use a kickboard to hold on to as you push from the wall and kick across the pool. With practice, your kick gets better and you can achieve better balance even as you kick. Try this and get back to us on drills to improve your kicking.


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